Grading Policy

Grading Policy Categories

The school's grading policy centers on two main areas: formative assessment and summative assessment.

Formative Assessment • 60% of Grade

This type of assessment includes do nows, exit tickets, in-class assignments, homework, and other items used to monitor progress of daily learning targets.

Summative Assessment • 40% of Grade

This type of assessment includes tests, quizzes, projects, and other items that measure the culmination of a unit or other set of work.

Grade Entry

In-Class Grades

Report Card & Transcript Grades

Report card and transcript grades depend on the type of course.

Credit-bearing Courses

Academic Enrichment, Regents Prep, Community Service, College Guidance, and other non-credit-bearing courses

Weighted Courses

Advanced Placement and college credit courses are weighted 1.1. 

Under this model, grades are averaged by a factor of 1.1.  If you earned a 90 on a course, it is averaged as 90 * 1.1 = 99.  These courses are denoted by two stars on transcripts.