Eagle Academy Athletics

The Eagle Academy for Young Men boasts successful long-established programs in basketball and wrestling, alongside a developing baseball program introduced in 2016. All high school Eagle teams are part of the Public School Athletic League, with the middle school teams participating in various other leagues.

Varsity Wrestling


Coach information

John McGarry, Head Coach

Varsity Basketball


Coach Information

Ryan Queen, Head Coach

J.V. Basketball


Coach Information

Steven Leonard, Head Coach

Varsity Baseball


Coach Information

Jason Bissonnette, Head Coach

All of our high school athletics programs are part of the Public School Athletic League (PSAL).

Requirements for Participation


All high school students must have a PSAL physical completed in order to try-out, practice, or compete. Copies of non-PSAL physical forms will not be accepted. See your coach for a copy of the PSAL physical. There are zero exceptions to this policy. Middle school students do not need a PSAL physical, but the league for the sport may require a generic physical from a physician.


Scholar-athletes must maintain a 90% attendance rate, in all classes.


Scholar-athletes must maintain a 75% average for participation. Any average under 75% requires an appeal from the coach, but can not be lower than 65%. Failing physical education is an automatic disqualification from participation, and there are zero exceptions to this policy.