The Eagle Academy for Young Men


is to develop young men committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, strong character, and responsible leadership.

Telephone System Down Until Further Notice

Normal telephone service is down due to an issue with Verizon. At present, we are unable to receive calls on our main number, office direct lines, or faxes. Until Verizon repairs their service, you will need to call any of the following numbers to reach the school. If a number is busy, you will need to try another number, and so on. We do not have an ETA for Verizon to complete repairs. (Updated 6/14)

(718) 294-0847 • (718) 294-0950 • (718) 294-0609 • (718) 294-0513 • (718) 294-0539

Calendar Reminders, Updates & Regents Exam schedules!

1. Friday, June 15th is a NYCDOE school holiday (Eid al Fitr). There are no classes on Friday, June 15th.

2. The week of June 18th is Regents week. High school students do not have classes for the week. Middle School students have regular school days for the week of June 18th.

June 2018 Regents Exam Schedule:

Tuesday, June 12th at 9am: English Language Arts (ELA) Regents

Tuesday, June 12th at 1pm: Algebra Regents

Wednesday, June 13th at 9am: United States (US) History Regents

Wednesday, June 13th at 1pm: Living Environment Regents

Thursday, June 14th at 9am: Earth Science Regents

Thursday, June 14th at 1pm: Algebra II/Trigonometry Regents

Tuesday, June 19th at 9am: Geometry Regents

Tuesday, June 19th at 1pm: Physics Regents

Wednesday, June 20th at 9am: Chemistry Regents

Reminders for Scholars:

1. Scholars are not allowed to have or use unauthorized electronic devices during Regents administrations. No Apple watches!

2. Scholars will not be allowed into testing rooms after 10am for morning exams.

3. Scholars will not be allowed into testing rooms after 2pm for afternoon exams.

4. Bring your Regents Exam invitation, student ID and pens/pencils to each exam.

5. Make sure you go to Regents Prep/Tutoring before it is too late!

Eagle's House Model promotes healthy competition while honoring historical leaders of our community.





The Eagle Academy for Young Men is a NYC Department of Education all boys public school educating young men of the Bronx in grades 6 through 12. Since 2004, Eagle has expanded to all five boroughs and to Newark, New Jersey, educating over 3,000 young men.

"It matters not how straight the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."