About Edmentum

Edmentum is the content software that delivers the course learning materials. You access Edmentum through iLearn. Follow the steps below to access your Edmentum coursework.

Step 1: Access Teach Hub

Follow these steps to access iLearn:

Step 2: Access iLearn

Follow these steps to access iLearn:

  • Look for the blue icon labeled "iLearn NYC Summer School" and click on it.

Step 3: Look at Courses

Look to the left side of the page to get a list of your courses. Courses all start with SS_2020_X525_. The part after that is your course.

Step 4: Access Content Page

Within your course, click on the "Content" box.

Step 5: Enter Edmentum

Do *not* click on "Launch Unit" or "Continue". Instead, click on the words "Edmentum - PLATO Course ..." to access Edmentum.

Step 6: Open in New Window

Click "Open in new window" to launch Edmentum in a new tab.

Step 7: Down to work!

You will see your courses on the left, and your messages on the right.