Computer Carts and Inventory

Computer Carts

Carts are only available from either grade team leaders or department chairs. Laptop carts are no longer distributed centrally.

To request a cart, see the point person below, depending on which grade you teach (for middle school) or which department you teach (for high school).

Middle School Grade Levels

  • Grade 6: Mr. Dupuy

  • Grade 7: Ms. Lewis

  • Grade 8: Ms. Maronie

High School Departments

  • Math: Ms. Forte

  • ELA: Ms. Del Valle

  • Science: Ms. Hendy

  • Social Studies: Mr. Hernandez

  • Special Education: Ms. Ortiz

  • Other Subjects: Mr. Bissonnette

Individually Assigned Inventory

Student Assignment of Devices

All students can receive a Chromebook. In some cases, we can issue an iPad and/or hotspot should a family demonstrate need for Internet access.

  • Requesting a device: complete this form (must be completed by a parent)

  • Viewing assigned devices: click here OR view the student profile in JupiterEd.

Staff Assignment of Devices

Staff are assigned Chromebooks. Should you encounter an issue with a Chromebook, you can first try to reset it doing a powerwash. See instructions below to powerwash.

Identifying a Found Device

If you've found a device and wish to locate where it belongs, or whom it belongs to, complete the request on the Eagle Tech Support form.