Remote School Day

Wednesday 2/14 is In-Person

All classes resume in-person on Wednesday, February 14.

Tuesday 2/13 Remote Instructional Day

School Day Schedule

Our normal school day schedule is in effect.  You can view the bell schedule here.  All classes are conducted online using the Google Meet link in their Google Classrooms.

Town Hall

Town Hall begins at 8:00am.  The link will be posted in the Town Hall Google Classroom, which all scholars are part of.

Accessing Classes

All courses are accessed through Google Classroom at using their NYCPS student email address.  All scholars have an email address that they use to log into Chromebooks and other NYCPS applications.  Attendance will be taken in classes.

If your Google Classroom screen does not show your scholar's information, fully log out of all accounts and log back in only with the NYCPS student email address or open an Incognito window and then try again.

Apps Needed

Scholars will need access to the following apps:

Getting Help

We're here to support you!  If you need anything, email us at and we will do our best to assist.  Please note that in some cases, we will need to verify your identity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My son forgot his password. What do I do?

If your son forgot his password, send us an email at and we will reset it.

Google Classroom shows no classes.  What do I do?

This is usually because another account is logged in.  Try logging out of all Google accounts, and then log back in with the student account first.  

The teacher isn't in the classroom. What do I do?

Hang tight. The teacher may be finishing up a prior class or encountering a technical issue.  Your son should not leave the Google Meet.  The teacher will join.

How is attendance recorded?

Attendance will be captured by teachers as your son attends classes.  When you son joins Google Meet, they also end up in a report that shows they were online and participating.