Password Resets

Staff Password Resets

NYCDOE Outlook

Go here to reset your password:

Enter your username and then click the "Forgot Password" link. This tool will only work if you have created password reset questions. It is highly recommended that you create password reset questions before you need to have your password reset.

If you are locked out of your account and you are unable to reset your password, contact the Help Desk at (718) 935-5100.

Skedula / IO Classroom

Click here to reset your password:

In general, the email address for IO Classroom is your DOE email address.

Eagle Bronx Gmail

Your Eagle Bronx Gmail should have a recovery email address added to the system. If a recovery email address is not added, you can see Mr. Mathur or Mr. Bissonnette to reset your password.

Student Password Resets


Your PupilPath password can only be reset by registering again. You will need your PupilPath access code, which any staff member can get for you. (Inform them it's under "PupilPath" on the "Bio" tab.) Once you get your registration code, register again here:

For the school, select 09X231 - The Eagle Academy for Young Men

Eagle Bronx Gmail

You can see Mr. Mathur or Mr. Bissonnette to reset your password.

Parent Password Resets


Parents should be able to reset their passwords using the Forgot Password tool and using their registered email address.

If you are unable to access the email account you originally registered with, you will have to register again. Ask for a registration code from Ms. Browne.

To reset your account, click here