Parent Teacher Conferences

Evening PTCs May 18

On the evening of May 18, we will have our final parent-teacher conferences.  As a reminder, for this school year all parent-teacher conferences are conducted virtually.  Our parent-teacher conferences will be conducted from 5pm to 8pm.

Please note that some staff are conducting appointments for the entire grade team.  See the list below.

Staff List

Ms. Alves

Ms. Austin 

Mr. Byers 

Ms. Correa

Mr. Curtis

Ms. V. Del Valle (including grade 8 team)

Mr. Dupuy (including grade 6 team)

Ms. Fernandez

Mr. Freeland

Ms. Hendy

Mr. Hernandez

Mr. Khoury 

Mr. Leonard

Ms. Lewis  (including grade 7 team)

Mr. McGarry

Mr. Obaro-Best

Mr. Owens

Ms. Schimmerling

Mr. Sloane (grade team & individual appointments)

Mr. Wojogbe

Please Note: As staff submit their links, they will be posted here.  Continually check back if a teacher's name is not listed. You can also email your son's teachers directly by clicking on this link , then scroll down to see all of the email addresses.