Regents Examinations

Regents Information

Regents examinations are administered every January, June, and August. Here are some resources from the New York State website:

Regents examination schedules are determined by New York State. There are no make-ups for missed exams, and all exams are administered at the same time state-wide.

June 2021 Regents - Updated 6/11

Regents examinations in Algebra I, Living Environment, Earth Science, and English Language Arts will take place this June, according to the schedule below.

Exam Schedule

Only four Regents exams are being offered, as follows:

  • English Language Arts: Thursday, June 17 at 9am

  • Living Environment: Tuesday, June 22 at 9am

  • Algebra I: Wednesday, June 23 at 9am

  • Earth Science: Thursday, June 24 at 9am

Scores for Regents Exams (New)

If your son takes a Regents exam, he will receive a numeric score as normal. If he also qualifies for a waiver (see below), he will also receive a waiver grade (WA) on his transcript. In this case, both the WA and the numeric score will appear on the transcript. Doing this prevents a low score from preventing graduation further in your son's educational career. If you have a low numeric score, and you receive a waiver grade, you can choose to have the numeric score hidden from the transcript.

Opting-In for Exams

Regents exams are an opt-in only for June 2021, and only for the four offered exams. If your son qualifies for a waiver (see below) and takes the exam, he will receive both a waiver and a numeric score. You will have the option of removing the numeric score if you choose. To take an exam, click the link below.


Any scholar who completes and passes all the required courses leading to a Regents will receive a waiver score (WA) whether or not they sit for the exam. Waivers are considered a 65, so if you wish for a higher score you can sit for an exam.

To be eligible for the waiver, you must see the following classes with a passing grade worth 1.00 credits each EXACTLY AS SHOWN on the transcript OR be taking one of the courses now for 1.00 credits and pass it this semester. Note: if you did not take these courses at Eagle, please consult with your guidance counselor to see if your transfer credits qualify you; other schools may use variations of these codes.

  • Algebra I: MESM8A (spring 2021 only) -OR- MEN11A (2 credits) -OR- MES21, MES22 (1 credit each)

  • Earth Science: SES21, SES22 (1 credit each)

  • English Language Arts: EES81, EES82, EES83, EES84, EES85 (or EES85X), EES86 (or EES86X) (1 credit each)

  • Living Environment: SLS21, SLS22 (1 credit each)

In any of the above cases, the third character, "S", can be replaced by an "F" if it was taken during summer school and was 1.00 credits. For example, MEF21 counts as MES21 if it was 1.00 credits and taken and passed during summer school.


It is natural to have questions and if you do, please don't hesitate to contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.