Regents Examinations

Regents Information

Regents examinations are administered every January, June, and August. Here are some resources from the New York State website:

Regents examination schedules are determined by New York State. There are no make-ups for missed exams, and all exams are administered at the same time state-wide.

January 2023 Regents

Regents examinations in all subjects except US History will take place this January, according to the schedule below.

Exam Schedule

All exams except US History are being offered, as follows:

  • English Language Arts: Tuesday, 1/24/23 at 9am

  • Living Environment: Tuesday, 1/24/23 at 1pm

  • Geometry: Wednesday, 1/25/23 at 9am

  • Algebra I: Wednesday, 1/25/23 at 1pm

  • Global: Thursday, 1/26/23 at 9am

  • Algebra II: Thursday, 1/26/23 at 1pm

  • Chemistry: Friday, 1/27/23 at 9am

  • Earth Science: Friday, 1/27/23 at 9am

Special Scores for Regents Exams (Updated 9/30/22)

If your son takes a Regents exam, he will receive a numeric score as normal. If he also has passed all courses leading to that exam, and scores at least a 50, he will be eligible for a special appeal (WG on his transcript) that will count the exam towards his New York State graduation requirements.

Waivers for US History Exams (Updated 9/30/22)

Any scholar who has completed BOTH US History courses (HUS21 and HUS22, or HUN11) by the end of the fall semester will receive a waiver for this graduation requirement. Note: Regents exams will resume for US History in June 2023, and we do not expect waivers to continue after this point.


It is natural to have questions and if you do, please don't hesitate to contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.