Why Register for PupilPath?

PupilPath allows you to view grades, graduation progress, transcripts, and more. Accounts are available for both students and parents. Students should not register with their parent codes; we often send messages to students only and you won't see it!

New for 2020-2021: PupilPath integrates with Google Classroom. Your Google Classroom grades will now appear in PupilPath when teachers sync grades.

We will also be sending any urgent communication via PupilPath! EVERY FAMILY SHOULD REGISTER.

How To Register

In-person scholars can request a letter from any of their teachers. Codes were already emailed to non-registered parents and students, so check your email for the code! If you're not attending school in-person, you can email

Logging In

To log in, visit and log in with your credentials.

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Gmail & G Suite

Attention Students: We use Eagle Bronx Gmail for all student work and communication. If you use your NYCDOE Gmail, you can forward email from one account to another.

Your Eagle Gmail Account

Your Email Address/Username

Your Eagle Gmail address is the first initial of your first name, your entire last name (minus any hyphens), and your two-digit year of graduation followed by For example, if your name is John Smith and you are graduating high school in 2028, your email address/username is


Your password is your student ID number. You are encouraged to change your password once you log in. If you forget your password, contact Mr. Bissonnette or Mr. Mathur to have it reset.

Logging In

You can log in like any other Gmail address by visiting

NYCDOE Gmail Accounts

If you have used your NYCDOE Gmail account before, be sure you also log in with your Eagle Bronx account. All of your Google Classroom access will be through your Eagle Bronx account.

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Microsoft Office

Free for Students

Microsoft Office is free for students. You can install it on up to five computers and five personal devices. In order to download Microsoft Office, you must activate your NYCDOE student account. See below.

Use Your NYCDOE Student Email and Password

Download and Install

  • To download Office, visit and log in with your NYCDOE student email address and password. Your NYCDOE student email address is your NYCDOE student username followed by

  • Once you are logged in, you will see a blue "Install Office" button on the upper right side. Click it to download and install Office.

  • To activate it, log in with your NYCDOE student email address and NYCDOE student account password.

Using with iPhones, iPads, and Android

Download the apps in the App Store or Play Store. You then activate it for full features with your NYCDOE student email address and NYCDOE student account password.

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