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New Job Search Website! - Dedicated to tech industry jobs - Featuring jobs in fields of banking and finance. - Specializes in restaurant jobs, for servers, hostesses, chefs

and restaurant managers. - Healthcare jobs throughout the U.S. - Offering everything from communications coordinators to editor and/or communications - Jobs for sales professionals. - Great for freelance work, remote work, and part-time jobs.

Other Job Websites:,,,,

For Civil Service Exams check out the website:

Free Job & Career Services: SUNY North Bronx Career Counseling and Outreach Center offers daily tuition free services including career counseling, college, financial aid and resume and cover letter assistance, as well as job readiness training at 2901 White Plains Rd. Computer literacy and GED programs are available during the day and evening. Seats are limited. For more information, call (718) 547-1001.

Job Opportunities: New York City’s Workforce1 Career Centers. The centers provide personalized career counseling, interview training, resume/cover letter assistance, workshops and ESL classes. For more information, Please call theBronx Workforce1 Center, 358 E. 149th St., (718) 960-7099.

Resume Websites! - This resume builder is perfect if you want to create a resume website. After indicating your professional experience, the site automatically suggests which template you should use and shows you the proper way to format it. Once completed, you can choose to print, e-mail, share, or even publish it online instantly. - Using this resume creator is especially ideal if you do not have a lot of resume writing experience. You can choose from well over 50,000 phrases written by professionals that will make your resume top-notch. After three easy steps, your resume is ready to be converted to PDF or a Microsoft Word document. - This resume builder is a great way to create a professional looking resume. They have some of the best templates on the internet and they are easy to use. All you have to do is input your information into the space provided and watch the magic happen! They even have the option to hire a professional writer to write it for you. - If you’re looking for a website that will help create your resume for free, this is the perfect one for you. No registration is required, so you can begin your resume immediately. With their wide variety of templates, you can guarantee you will find the one that’s right for you. This resume builder also suggests phrases for each section, so you don’t need to have any writing experience. - This resume creating website is determined to not only help you create a professional-looking resume but also to really help you learn the proper way to write one. They have a section dedicated to teaching you what you need to know about template selection, formatting, phrasing, and professionalism. They also provide writing tips as you go through each step. - This website is one of the most convenient ways to create a resume online. You can edit any section at any time, save it and continue at a later date, choose the font size and style yourself, and preview your resume instantly. It is also completely free to use and you can create as many resumes as you want! You can even create cover letters.

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