Spring 2021 & COVID-19

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Updates as of 2/23

  • We've consolidated our information for the spring semester. Please see below for all of our updates.

  • We've added a list of online forms for families at the bottom of this page.

Contacting Us

Contacting the School

The best way to reach the school is to contact remotelearning@eaglebronx.org which includes all administrators, Mr. Bissonnette the programmer, and Mr. Joseph, one of the guidance counselors.

Contacting Teachers

The best way to reach a teacher or group of teachers is either via PupilPath or by direct email. Email addresses are listed on the Contact Us page.

Online Learning Platforms

Remote Learning

Eagle Academy Google Workspace Accounts

All scholars have accounts @eaglebronx.org which enables them to work with our online platforms. For more information on how to access your account, visit our Gmail page.

Google Classroom

This is where all assignments are posted. All scholars have a Classroom in Google Classroom for each course that they are taking. https://classroom.google.com


All families and scholars should register with PupilPath to stay up-to-date on scholar progress and receive communication from the school. If you don't know your PupilPath login, contact your son's guidance counselor.

Video Conferencing

All scholars should use their Eagle Bronx logins for Zoom or Google Meet.

Spring 2021 Learning Environments

Middle School

Return to In-Person Learning

For middle school scholars who were previously scheduled for some in-person learning, and did not change their learning preference to fully remote learning, in-person learning resumes on Thursday, February 25. Scholars who are scheduled for blended learning must be up to date on immunizations and have signed COVID testing consent forms on file.

Remote Learning

Middle school scholars who have their learning preference set to fully remote will remain fully remote for the remainder of the school year. If the New York City Department of Education changes this policy, we will update families.

High School

High school learning will be fully remote until further notice. Scholars will have a blend of synchronous (live) instruction and asynchronous (independent) instruction.

There is no plan at this time for high school scholars to return to in-person learning. If we return to in-person learning, only those scholars who still have blended as their learning preference will be able to return.

Spring 2021 Learning Groups

Middle School

The middle school, effective 2/25, has three learning groups:

  • Imperial/Crowned/Royal: these groups are combined into ONE group for daily in-person learning.

  • Nested #1: this is one of of the two all-remote groups.

  • Nested #2: this is the other of the two all-remote groups.

High School

The high school continues to operate with the learning groups established before the high school went remote:

  • Imperial/Crowned/Royal: dedicated small-group instruction on select days (representing in-person learning days) of the week with combined instruction on the other days. These groups remain in place in the even that high schools return to in-person instruction. This schedule is subject to change if in-person learning resumes.

    • Imperial: every Monday and select Thursdays (2/25, 3/18, 4/15, 5/6, 5/27, 6/17)

    • Crowned: every Tuesday and select Thursdays (3/4, 3/25, 4/22, 5/13, 6/3, 6/24)

    • Royal: every Wednesdays and select Thursdays (3/11, 4/8, 4/29, 5/20, 6/10)

  • Nested: dedicated small-group instruction on Tuesdays for most classes, and mixed classes other days.

Middle School In-Person Learning

This section applies only to scholars who are eligible for in-person learning based on their learning preference from the fall. Scholars who have a learning preference of all remote can no longer switch back to in-person learning per the NYC Department of Education.

Requirements for In-Person Learning

Previously In Blended Learning

In order for a scholar to attend in-person learning, he must have previously been in-person this school year. If your scholar was listed as remote, and you did not switch him to blended learning, he can not return to in-person.


All immunizations must be up to date for in-person learning. Contact your son's guidance counselor if you have questions.

COVID-19 Testing Authorization

All in-person scholars must have have authorization for COVID-19 weekly testing. You can authorize it in your NYCSA account or on paper through your son's guidance counselor.

Schedule for Middle School In-Person

Monday through Thursday / All Scholars

All middle school in-person scholars will attend school from 9am to 2:30pm daily and take their normal classes from within the school building.

Friday / Special Populations

In addition to Monday through Thursday, middle school in-person scholars who are English Language Learners, scholars with IEPs, and scholars in temporary housing are eligible to attend in-person learning on Fridays for additional support.

Daily Entrance Procedures

Health Screening

As with before, scholars will need to complete the NYCDOE Health Screening every day they arrive to the school. They can complete it online ahead of time using their NYCDOE Student account.

Entry Location(s)

  • Grade 6: enter on Bathgate Avenue for the cafeteria

  • Grade 7: enter on Third Avenue for room 410

  • Grade 8: enter on Third Avenue for the gymnasium

School Day Information

Masks & Hand Sanitizer

Scholars must wear a mask at all times in the building except while eating. Scholars must continue to practice safe practices by using hand sanitizer, available in all classrooms.

Lunch, Water, and Bathrooms

Scholars will have lunch during class during the day. Cold lunch is provided by the school but scholars are welcome to bring their own lunches. Scholars are strongly suggested to bring a water bottle. Water fountains will not be available for use. Scholars can use the restrooms one at a time throughout the day.

BELL Program

The BELL program resumes in-person on Tuesday, March 1.


Scholars should bring their technology to school every day to support their learning. Some of their coursework will be delivered online while they are in the school building.

Forms for Families

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The following forms are for families to fill out for various reasons. Please see below. All forms are in both English and Spanish.

Academic Forms

Appeal For Additional NX Time
This form is to provide additional time to complete coursework from the spring and summer of 2020. For NX grades from spring and summer of 2020, this form is due Monday, January 22.

Convert Grades to CR
This form is to convert a numeric passing grade to a grade of CR. Grades of CR award credit but do not factor into a GPA.

Enrollment Forms

Change from Blended to Remote
This form is to change from blended to remote learning. Note: once you change to remote, you can not change back to blended during the 2020-2021 school year.

Technology Forms

Request Remote Learning Devices and Support
Use this form to request a learning device for remote learning, or to get support with an existing device.