Coronavirus Impacts at Eagle

Impacts of Coronavirus at Eagle

The school sends updates via PupilPath and via the school website. The Department of Education provides updates via their website and Twitter. Information on how to obtain updates is included here.

Updates from Eagle Academy


Coronavirus and COVID-19 related notifications are being sent to families by PupilPath. If you are not registered for PupilPath, contact your son's guidance counselor or any teacher to receive the registration code. (We are working on a way to allow families to receive codes online by verifying confidential information.)

Information Sent to Families

When administration sends a letter home via PupilPath, we are posting it here on the website as well:

Updates from the Department of Education

DOE Website

The New York City Department of Education is maintaining a special page to discuss the impacts on Coronavirus. Visit the following link for their most up-to-date information.

Twitter Accounts

Follow @nycschools and @nycmayor for the most up-to-date information regarding impacts to the school system and the city.

Impacts on Eagle Academy


Remote Learning In Effect

Beginning Monday, March 23, we will be in Remote Learning mode. Read more on our Remote Learning Page.

Schools Closed Until April 20 (at the earliest)

Schools are closed Monday 3/16 through Sunday 4/19. There will be learning centers beginning Monday, 3/23. Technology will be distributed centrally (not at Eagle), and distance learning will commence on Monday, 3/23. (This is a correction from a prior date posted of 3/25. The actual date for learning centers to open and remote instruction to start is 3/23.) Schools will be distributing breakfast and lunch every day this week. No students will be allowed into the buildings. We will post more information as we learn it.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Postponed

Parent/teacher conferences were to be held over the phone at a future date. The Department of Education has postponed them for 6-12 s schools.


The American Museum of Natural History Marine Biology program is temporarily suspended. Scholars will be expected to work on reading and research prior to the program resuming on April 21. All other school-sponsored internships are suspended.


PSAL Varsity Baseball is suspended until further notice. No school-organized practices will occur. Scholar-athletes and families will receive updates directly from Coach Bissonnette. All other PSAL related activities are canceled.

Field Trips

All field trips are canceled. The HS senior trip is tentatively rescheduled to the end of May.