Below is a list of the faculty and staff of the Eagle Academy for Young Men.
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NameTitleDepartmentDirect LineEmail Address
NameTitleDepartmentDirect LineEmail Address
Abdul Mani, Asiyah Teacher English (High School) 
Adams Lewis, Amanda Teacher Visual Art 
Alexander, Brendamarie Teacher Visual Art 
Alves, Charlene Rose Teacher Humanities (Middle School) 
Austin, Diana Teacher Foreign Language 
Barnette, Aaron Scholar Life - HS Dean/Director Scholar Life (718) 466-8014 
Bazan, Joshua Teacher Mathematics (High School) 
Bissonnette, Jason Teacher Technology (718) 466-8729 
Brown, Anthony Classroom Paraprofessional Special Education 
Browne, Denise Parent Coordinator  (718) 466-8726 
Cameron, Clayon Teacher Social Studies (High School) 
Chao, Judith Teacher ESL 
Chijioke, Georgia Nurse Medical Office (718) 466-8009 
Connor, Ahday Teacher Mathematics (Middle School) 
Cooley, Ryan Teacher Mathematics (Middle School) 
Correa, Judith Teacher English (High School) 
Costa, Anita Payroll Secretary Administration (718) 466-8000 ext. 1080 
Crespo, Yvette Director of Admissions Admissions (718) 466-8253 
DeFino, Lauren Teacher Science (Middle School) 
Diangelis, Gabriel Teacher Physical Education (718) 466-8000 ext. 5090 
Donaldson, Kareem Director of College Readiness College Readiness (718) 466-8721 
Dupuy, Rudolph Teacher Humanities (Middle School) 
Faulmino, Melissa Teacher Science 
Ford, Solita Paraprofessional Special Education 
Forte, Lakeyshea Teacher Mathematics (High School) 
Foy, Jonathan Principal Administration 
Fullerton, Ayisha Assistant Principal Administration (718) 466-8007 
Garcia, Natasha Teacher Foreign Language 
George, Shalesha Paraprofessional Special Education 
Harris, Jaime Scholar Life Support Scholar Life 
Hendy, Melissa Teacher Special Education 
Hernandez, Elaine Principal's Secretary Administration (718) 466-8724 
Hernandez, Tomas Teacher Social Studies (High School) 
Hibbert, Richard Social Worker Guidance (718) 466-8000 ext. 2124 
Joseph, Beckner Social Worker Guidance (718) 466-8005 
Joshua, Faustine Teacher Humanities (Middle School) 
Jumpp Morris, Janette MS Guidance Counselor Guidance (718) 466-8720 
Leonard, Steven Athletics Director Physical Education (718) 466-8000 ext. 5091 
Leyva, Alcy ELO Program Director ELO (718) 466-8000 ext. 2162 
Macklin, Carmel Teacher Special Education (High School) 
Magli, Philip Teacher Science (High School) 
Marquez, Andres Teacher Special Education 
Martinez, Julia School Aide Administration (718) 466-8000 ext. 1082 
Mathur, Stephen Assistant Principal Administration (718) 466-8722 
McCants, Charmene Classroom Paraprofessional Special Education (718) 466-8000 ext. 2222 
McGarry, John Teacher Social Studies (High School) 
Miller, Andrea Teacher Special Education (High School) 
Montanez, Denise School Psychologist School Based Support (718) 466-8000 ext. 5049 
Neblett, Shaun Teacher Theater 
Ortiz, Johnny Building Manager Custodial (718) 466-8008 
Ortiz, Leslie Teacher Special Education (Middle sch.) 
Otero, Evelyn Teacher Science (High School) 
Peavy, Frank School Aide Scholar Life 
Perez, Rafael Guidance Counselor Guidance (718) 466-8006 
Queen, Ryan Teacher Physical Education (718) 466-8000 ext. 5090 
Quinn, Thomas  School Based Support (718) 466-8000 ext. 5049 
Reyes, Krystal Paraprofessional Special Education 
Richburg, Ericka Teacher Mathematics (Middle School) 
Rodriguez, Ahmed Community Assistant Director of Scholar Life (MS) (718) 466-8013 
Rose, Gabrielle Teacher English (High School) 
Ruff, Donald Director of Strategic Planning Eagle Academy Foundation 
Ruffin, Kyesah Teacher Special Education (718) 466-8000 ext. 6502 
Sarro, Marie Librarian Library (718) 466-8000 ext. 1160 
Sullivan, Stephen Teacher Special Education (High School) 
Thompson, Melody Teacher Special Education (High School) 
Thompson, Veronica ELO Program Coordinator ELO (718) 466-8000 ext. 2161 
Tittle, Sharon Classroom Paraprofessional Special Education 
Tsekas, Jerald Teacher Special Education 
VanTull, Annette Guidance Counselor/Director Guidance (718) 466-8004 
Walker, Stephanie Speech Therapist School Based Support (718) 466-8000 ext. 5049 
Wallace, Tracey Teacher Mathematics 
Wilson, Leon Teacher Special Education (Middle Sch.) 
Winn Williams, Nicole Assistant Principal Administration (718) 466-8000 ext. 4211 
Womer, Mallory Teacher Science (High School) 
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